Audio and Video

Audio and Video

Distributing audio and video around a home can really add an immersive experience to your home. Video – We can hide away all your streaming services (Sky Q/Virgin/Apple TV) and distribute your various sources it to each and all of the TV’s around your home, allowing you to move about and still catch up on that series you’re really engrossed in. Whole home audio is a great addition, listening to your favourite playlist from Spotify/Tidal or even radio station whilst you’re cooking, then have it also playing in the garden on strategically hidden speakers whilst you eat outside.


Do we have to do the whole of my home in one go?

No. It can be done on a per room basis; however, it would be advantageous to install all the wiring first and then look at the hardware on a per room basis.

Some of my TV’s are new and some are old, does that matter?

Not at all. When we install the hardware we will adjust the settings dependant on whether it is showing on an older TV or a newer 4K TV.

I’m worried about how the speakers will look with the interior design of my home.

Don’t be. We have access to a variety of speaker brands, from standard floor and bookshelf style speakers to discreet Gallo speakers, that can be custom sprayed any colour you wish, even completely invisible speakers that are plastered into the walls. There will be the perfect speaker for sound and aesthetics to suit your home.

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